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December 17, 2023, Announcements

Every 2nd Sunday Offering goes to the Monthly Mission. The Month of

December Mission Offering- New Life for Girls: Teaching girls a new way of life free from alcohol, drug, addiction, and abuse.

Last Sunday Mission offering- Loaves and Fishes and Missionary Erin Magada from Petros Zoe Initiative in Uganda -Youth Community Centers, Early Childhood

Development Center, Teenage Pregnancy Center, etc.

Please sign up to be a leader and reader for worship service.

The sign-up sheet is on the back table.

Four-Week Advent Bible Study will be on Wednesday, 12/20 at 1pm at

Stone Chapel.

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service is at 6pm at Stone Chapel.

Friday, December 29th- Loaves & Fishes, Lunch packing at 5:30pm at Stone Chapel

Saturday, December 30th- Loaves & Fishes @ 10:30 am @ Westminster Church of the Brethren.

SPRC meeting will be on Thursday, January 18, at 6 pm with the

council meeting following at 7 pm.

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