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May 21, 2023, Announcements

Every 2nd Sunday Offering goes to the Monthly Mission.

The Month of May Mission Offering goes to Mission Beelieve, who provide

therapeutic beekeeping for veterans & first responders.

Last Sunday Mission offering- Missionary Erin Magada from Petros Zoe Initiative in Uganda -Youth Community Centers, Early Childhood Development Center, Teenage Pregnancy Center, etc.

Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference- May 31-June 3 at Hilton Hotel inner

harbor in Baltimore. Pastor YuJung will be attending.

Friday, June 2nd - Loaves & Fishes, Lunch packing at 6pm at Stone Chapel

Saturday, June 3rd - Loaves & Fishes @ 10:30 am @ Westminster Church of the Brethren.

Annual Colonial Day at the Strawbridge Shrine will be held on June 17th, from 10am to 4pm. Located at 2650 Strawbridge Ln, New Windsor, MD 21776.

For more information, check out the bulletin board in the social hall.

There will be light refreshments following today’s service in the Social Hall.

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